How to Interpret Your Shamanic Journeys

Online Workshop (recording)

What if you could confidently interpret your Shamanic Journeys?

Would you feel less scattered and more sure of yourself when trying to understand & implement the guidance you have received?

If the answer is yes, then keep reading…

If you’ve tried Shamanic Journeying, then you’ll have experienced this:  

Not feeling 100% Sure that you are interpreting your journeys properly.

This can be a real block to progress in this work. 

“What if I’m getting it wrong?” 

“Am I just making it up?” 

It can make you feel scattered and unfocused and the more you dwell on it, the more scattered and unfocused you feel. 

Interpreting Journeys, omen walks, messages & guidance is a key fundamental of any Shamanic Practise.

Sometimes our wisdom is lost because we lack the basics of Journey Interpretation

If you feel confused and are not sure what your Guides are trying to tell you, this course will support you to develop your confidence in interpreting those messages. 

In this workshop we will work explore the basics of interpretation, (we will go on a shamanic journey together) and develop our intuitive knowing.

 By the end of the workshop you’ll feel much more sure of yourself and your abilities to translate the messages you have received from spirit. 

If this resonates with you and you would really like to feel relaxed and confident when interpreting your Shamanic Journeys then sign up now. 

This is a pre-recorded workshop.



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