ShamanTalk Episode 103

Finding Relief From an Excessive Mental Load

What is a mental load?
The invisible, non-tangible tasks involved in operating a family are called the mental load, also known as cognitive labour.
The mental load is the unseen – not necessarily the physical tasks but the remembering of all of the daily stuff that needs to be done – so shopping, dinner prep or when laundry needs doing – it also includes reaching out to other family members and remembering birthdays.
What are some signs to watch out for?
  1. Are you completely in charge of maintaining all social connections?
  2. Are you the only one paying attention to the emotional needs within your family? Including your own!
  3. You are the one who has to remember. Doctors/dentists appointments, school forms, dress down days, friends parties, the lightbulb in the bathroom needs changed.
  4. You are the household manager – you make sure the household operates – you see everything that needs to be done, and you delegate those tasks.
  5. You’re the person in the household who carries the worries. You carry the worry, and you are also responsible for navigating and finding the solutions to those worries – be it financial, social or practical.
If you carry most of this load, it makes sense if you’re feeling exhausted and resentful.
Carrying the full mental load of your own stuff is a lot! When we add in the mental burden of a family, it can become unbearable.
Have open, honest conversations to get to grips with this issue. Work as a team rather than from a place of blame. This is a positive way to look at this issue. 
Use I language and be prepared to let go of any control!
Make space for other people to step into a more empowered role within the family unit. Accept that mistakes will happen; no one is perfect, and don’t lose your sense of humour!

Activities & Journeys

  1. Journeys with your Guides and ask to be shown the energetic nature of your mental load and ask for a mind cleansing so that you can begin to make changes in your life without blame.

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