ShamanTalk: Episode 26

The Most Vulnerable Episode I've Ever Recorded

March is the month I turn 40 and it’s a deep transition time for me. I can feel the pull of a new decade and I feel the call to truth & vulnerability.

In this podcast I tell my story in as much detail as I think will be interesting. About my life, struggles & triumphs these past decades. I want to share these moments with you not only so you can get to know me better, but because EVERYONE has a story.

We all face difficulties in life. And each of our difficulties is unique. There’s no comparison between my struggles and yours… the only thing to know is that we each have our darkness and sometimes we need some divine light to open up a way forward. I found mine and I hope you have found yours. If not, do not despair… it is on it’s way!

I hope you enjoy this podcast. I don’t have anything to give you except truthful, heartfelt, vulnerable me. I know that’s enough. I hope you know that you’re enough too.

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