ShamanTalk: Episode 30

April Theme: Owl Medicine

How to Deal with Negative Energy

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Owl Medicine Card. Meaning: You see clearly now.

This month of April we’re going to be working with Owl Medicine.

Don’t worry if you’re listening to this after April. These podcasts are relevant no matter when you listen. 

The Owl sees clearly in the dark and moves silently through the air. There is a mysterious quality to Owl. The medicine of Owl will be our guiding principal through the month of April. 

This episode is the beginning of Owl month and will look at negative thoughts and the Body Protector. In order to see clearly we must work with our blocks – and often our habitual negative thoughts. 

We must be brave with this work and be willing to see our own faults. To be able to see what is normally hidden to us. But Owl medicine will help us to identify and release our negative thought patterns. This is hard but I know you can do it!

In these times of flux, it’s important to pay attention to what we are thinking, how we are feeling and where we send those thoughts and feelings.

In this episode I talk about

>>> Becoming aware of energetic acts of violence

>>> How to spot a dense energetic situation and takes steps to avoid being affected

>>> Ways to work with your own thoughts and process your negative thoughts safely

>>> Breaking the Habit of Negative thought patterns

The recommended Journey for this week is:

Go on a Journey with your Guides and ask to meet your Body Protector. Ask to be shown how your Body Protector will support you and keep you safe. 

If you already work with a Body Protector, please ask to be shown how your relationship with this guide can be strengthened. Ask to be shown any chinks in your armour and how you can work with those moments more effectively. 

If you need a little more information on the body protector you can download the guide here.

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