ShamanTalk: Episode 29

Graceful Transitions | Navigating Life's Changes with Ease

Graceful Transitions

I recorded this episode pre-Corona. But I think it’s still relevant for us all.

The world is in transition and none of us will be the same on the other side.

In this podcast will look at some key things to think about that will help us face our life’s transitions with as much grace as we can muster.

Anyone who’s gone through a major transition will attest to its hardship, but to be more specific here are some of the common feelings during a transition: self-doubt, fear, anxiety (caused by uncertainty), stress (caused by an overwhelming amount of new things) and sadness (caused by regret and the constant reminder of the past).

When I was doing some research for this podcast I came across the idea that there are also 5 generally accepted stages of transition; confusion, depression, acceptance, soul-searching and the birth of a new you.

I’m not sure if I agree with these stages for every transition! I have certainly experienced those but through my life I learned how to see transition creeping up and facing it head on. It doesn’t always work of course. We can’t be prepared for everything… there will be moments in life that floor us for sure. 

But today I’m focusing on transitions we know are coming. Turning 40, moving home, applying and moving to a new job, getting married or having a child. I’m attempting to weave the sacred into my transition times. I’m inviting learning and growth.

This is also true of this global transition. We know we’re in it – so what can we do to navigate graciously?

I go into detail about these main points:

>>>Leaning into the discomfort of change.

>>> Take your time

>>> Call on your Spiritual Team for support and Guidance

>>> Don’t act for the sake of action

>>> Take care of yourself in little ways

>>> Find someone to talk to

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