ShamanTalk: Episode 31

Learning to Trust your Instincts

This month of April we’re going to be working with Owl Medicine.

Don’t worry if you’re listening to this after April. These podcasts are relevant no matter when you listen. 

The Owl sees clearly in the dark and moves silently through the air. There is a mysterious quality to Owl. The medicine of Owl will be our guiding principal through the month of April. 

This week’s episode is all about learning to trust your instincts.

Direct Revelation & the fear of getting it wrong: 

…Are you scared you’re not doing it right?

…Worried your interpretation of your messages can’t be right?

…Or are you thinking ‘Am I just making this up in my head?’

In this episode, I talk about some basic worries that my students have… and I had them too! You’re not alone 

Here’s the thing…

Shamanism removes the middleman.

But in our culture, we’re so used to the middleman or woman! The Guru, The Priest, The Expert, The Knowledgeable Friend…. Whoever it is… we are taught to give our power away and in the process we lose confidence with our own intuition. And intuition, when connected with and used well, is one of our greatest allies.

In this episode I’ll talk about

  • What is Direct Revelation & how do we work with it?
  • Why we should stop worrying about getting it wrong
  • The Joy of working with principles rather than a rule book

Your Intentions for this week:

  1. Go on a journey with your guides to the Middle World and ask to be shown a simple act that will help you see more clearly in your life. Then TAKE ACTION
  2. For 7 days, keep a journal or short note of each time you worry about getting something wrong. At the end of the 7 days, go on a journey with your Guides and ask to be shown a ceremony that will release you and give you freedom from your fears. Read the Ceremony Guides to support you with this.

An example may be a Fire Ceremony where you sing to the Fire, call in the Ancestors and burn the Journal you have written while asking the Ancestors to transmute your fears to light.

This week’s downloads

Download your free Journey Journal Support guide here. This will support you in properly keeping a journal for your Journeys. 

Download your Ceremony Guide here. This guide will show you how to create effective ceremonies for personal growth. 

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