ShamanTalk: Episode 32

April Theme: Owl Medicine

What You Really Need to Know About Working With a Shaman.

Owl Medicine Card. Meaning: You see clearly now.

I’m often asked, “if I learn how to go on a Shamanic Journey & meet my spiritual team, does that make me a Shaman?”

The answer is usually no. Becoming a Shaman takes years of experience and training. But being able to tap into the unseen realms and work with your spiritual team does make you a Shamanic Person!

In this episode, I talk about working with Shamans and the things we need to look out for when choosing a practitioner to work with. 

I also talk about being a Shamanic Person and the one key thing that we all need to know to embody Shamanism in our daily lives.

Here are the highlights:

  1. The 1 KEY THING we need to know to be a TRUE Shamanic Person
  2. What’s the difference between Shaman and a Shamanic Person?
  3. Why see a Shaman for an individual session?
  4. What changes can you expect from an individual session?
  5. What to look out for when looking to work with a Shaman or Shamanic Practitioner

Journeys to do this week (don’t forget the free resources page to access drumming tracks!)

  1. Go with your Guides and ask to be taken to the Upper World to the Temple of Soul. Ask for the gift of Soul Wisdom for your Soul in these times. Be open to what comes forward for you!
  1.  Working with others is an essential part of our Tribal Nature. If you’re feeling drawn to work with others then go on a journey with your guide and ask for a recommendation for working with others that will be the best thing for you on your path right now.(For example, working in a circle, group or working with a one to one practitioner)

Links mentioned in this episode: 

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