ShamanTalk: Episode 34

The Shadow Side of Shamanism
(it's not what you think it is...)

Today I talk about what the Shadow is and it may surprise you! I invite you to think about the Shadow side of Shamanism and also the Shadow side of yourself. Shadow work is extremely freeing and is also a key aspect in the creating of a great Shamanic Person! 

Most people have a hard time facing their negative side – especially those of us interested in meditation, self-development, or spirituality. We would like the world to be a gentle, loving place, and therefore try to cultivate those parts of ourselves that fit that image and suppress the ones that don’t.

We think we are in control of our thoughts until they come back to control us when we less expect it – usually when we are in the grip of intense emotions.

This episode is not designed to point the finger or make anyone feel bad. If you feel like that after this episode, please try to be compassionate and gentle with yourself. Remember that the Shadow needs to be seen, loved and integrated. Not denigrated and beaten with a big stick!

So, I thought I would cover some key issues I see in Shamanic People to help us all examine these within ourselves and work to free ourselves from the Shadow side of Shamanism and integrate some of our own Shadow in the process.

  1. I’m better than/superior to you because….
  2. Journeying about or for others without permission
  3. Giving our personal responsibility away to Guides
  4. Psychic stalking
  5. Thinking that journeying is the work and never truly going within or making changes

Activities & Journey work

A shadow faced is a shadow weakened. While it will still be there, once we are aware of it, it loses the power to knock our good judgement out of the way and take control of our reactions.

I invite you to go on a Journey with your guides to the Upper World and ask for a transmission of Shadow knowledge. Ask to be given what you need so that you can begin to know your Shadow on a soul level, face it and work through it.

This week I also include an activity worksheet.

How to begin to work with Shadow

  1. Reflect on every action
  2. Reflect on every reaction
  3. Reflect on every interaction

Allow judgements to melt away. Just observe. This takes practise! Use your breath to calm your heart rate and just observe.

Here is a PDF worksheet to support you with your Shadow work.


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