ShamanTalk: Episode 36

May Theme: Horse Medicine

Freedom from the Blame Game

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May is the month of Horse – Freedom is Yours

You have freewill and are capable of making powerful choices for yourself.

Powerful choices that will mean that you experience freedom in a new way.

Escaping the Blame Game

I had an interesting week… one of our family called it a ‘Blip in Harmony’. My big lesson was realising how Blame still plays a big role in my Psyche.

I thought, and wrote, and journeyed, and wrote and walked and wrote…

And I realised that although I no longer live in a Blame Space, I am definitely visiting too often… without even realising it.

This week I am bringing my sneaky Righteous Blame out and into the light… and I invite you to join me!

So, this week I talk about how Blame sneaks up and manifests in our lives.

And also, what we lose when we play the Blame Game.

What happens to us when we live in a space of blame is that we give all of our power away to other people. 

Think about it. If you are constantly blaming others for your problems/issues then you are powerless to change it – because it’s someone else’s fault. 

And often when we take blame out of the equation we find that we are all in the same boat. Struggling to make sense of this life and live in a way that brings us meaning.  

I talk about how it is important to know the difference between Escaping the Blame Game while still holding true to our boundaries.

Blame is insidious and it is the wind that gives momentum to negative drama in our lives. 

Becoming free from it is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself and others. 

Here are the Journeys and Activities for this week.

  1. I want you to sit down and write a very honest list of all the instances in your life where you are blaming others for being/doing/saying something that is making you unhappy. How it would feel to be free of the energetic burden of blame?
  2.  Journey with your Guides and ask what it would feel like to be free of blame. This may be an Upper, Middle or Lower World Journey. Your guides will know best.
  3. Journey with your Guides and ask to be shown the energetic effects of Blame on you & on others. Also ask for either a healing an action to tale to begin to escape the Habit of Blame.

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