ShamanTalk: Episode 37

How to Free Yourself from Toxic Self-Blame

Self-Blame: The Ultimate Emotional Abuse

Last week I talked about Blame and got really into the nitty gritty of that. I was speaking to a group of my students and they brought up the idea of Self-Blame. I also had some emails about that as well.

So last week talking about Blame we focussed on blaming external people, thigs and situations for our woes.

This week we will hone in on Self-Blame. I talk about manifestations of self-blame so that we can start to pinpoint and categorise our issues. We can also know that we’re not alone and that we absolutely can overcome these issues we face

We’ll examine

>>>What is Self-Blame?

>>>Some possible origins of self-blame

>>>Six ways how self-blame manifests itself in a person’s life.

  1. Toxic Self Criticism
  2. Black & White Thinking
  3. Chronic Self-Doubt
  4. Poor Self-Care or Self-Harm
  5. Unsatisfying Relationships
  6. Chronic Shame, Guilt & Anxiety

And I share how to work with your Inner Child & the ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’PonoPono.

This week’s Ceremony

This week we will work with Self-Healing through the Ancient Art of Ho’ponopono. We are specifically going to concentrate on our Inner Child.

These are the steps.

  1. Find some gentle music you can play. Here’s a link to one I use:

You can repeat this music for a longer experience. I recommend at least 10 mins and as much as 30 minutes if that feels right for you. You can also build up to this over time.

  1. Set your Sacred Space. If you’re not sure what this means check out my free Introduction to Shamanism training here 
  2. Start playing your music using the repeat function to ensure you can go as long as you wish without being disturbed.
  3. Take some deep breaths and feel yourself landing in your space. Connect with your Guides (join the training to find out how to do that) and commit to leaving your Daily Cares at the door. You don’t need those, and they’ll be there when you get back.
  4. Ask your Guides to connect you with your Inner child. Where do you feel that in your body? How do you feel? Notice the feelings that arise – you may be uncomfortable, emotional or feel resistance to the work. That is all OK. Just observe, don’t worry about doing it ‘wrong’ and trust the divine holding of the Universe.
  5. When you feel connected (or even if you don’t or are not sure)- then begin to repeat these words:

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

I Love You

Really feel the words resonate through your body as if you were talking to your Inner child. You don’t need to know the details, just allow the magic of the words to flow through you. Continue with this process until you feel a sense of completion. I recommend a minimum of 5 minutes but ideally 10 minutes or more.

  1. Complete your Ceremony by closing your Space, giving Gratitude and go outside into Nature. Get your feet on the ground if you can (or open a window) and allow Nature to ground you and bring you back to centre.

You can repeat this ceremony as many times as you feel drawn to and can apply it to many areas of your life.

Report back in the ShamanTalk Facebook Group – sacred sharing is an important part of the process!

Also, check out Episode 16 Recapitulation if you haven’t already.

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