ShamanTalk: Episode 58

Family, Change & Growth

This week I invited my daughter Eve to join me on ShamanTalk.

 We talk about some tough topics and how we work to overcome the difficulties of our past.

 We talk about Eve’s irritation and frustration that came up when I started my shamanic path (I thought she would be pleased – nope!!).

 We talk about how I was emotionally unavailable for a lot of Eve’s childhood and how we dealt with that. We talked about the impact that my shame around that had on Eve and ultimately real change only began to happen when I brought my shame out and into the light.

 We talk openly and vulnerably in the hope that others will resonate with our story. It’s never too late to make those changes, to be accountable and to act with integrity.

 Our healing journey is ongoing but we walk the path together as an interdependent (not co-dependant) family.


Activities & Journeys

 Think back through your life. Think to your relationships now. Is there anything that you’re holding back? Is there anything you feel shame about that you’ve not talked to someone about?

 I invite you, if you feel able, to communicate with someone you trust. Communicate with someone who has earned the right to hear your story.

 Once you’ve chosen a moment of shame that you wish to share, do a journey with your guides and ask them for support as you embark on the process of bringing your shame out and into the light.


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