ShamanTalk: Episode 59

October Theme: Dove Medicine

What Shamanism Can Do For You

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Dove  Spirit 

“Be Peace” 

With her peaceful cooing, the gentle Dove Spirit invites you to embrace the energy of  peace and allow compassion to warm your heart. You aways have the power to generate peace within you, and the appearance of Dove Spirit is a reminder that today, and every day is a good day to meditate, to quiet any turbulence within you as you embody tranquility. 


You don’t need to be a shaman to work with shamanism.

Let’s think about it in terms of a tribe.

Every tribe member would be connected to nature, their body and their soul. Every member would have innate skills of connection, from where to gather food and when and what type, to hunting, being deeply connected to the animals they hunted. They were linked to each other on such a deep level that they almost moved as one.

This connection is what we are missing in our western lives. And shamanism (or at least the type of shamanism I teach) can bring us to that place of intimate connection.

What we’re looking for ultimately is real, deep, safe, unswerving connection. We want to belong (not just fit in), we want to be able to listen to our inner and outer landscape and understand our bodies. We want to walk through this life feeling strong and confident, clear with boundaries of steel but deep compassion and understanding.

The work we do here aims to lead every individual to that place which is first a connection to ourselves, our bodies, our hearts, souls and minds. Then that will mirror in our relationships in the outer world.

At the Centre for Shamanism, I do that by supporting you to create a map for this work. 

There is no right or wrong way here. You can bring all of your spiritual experiences together under one roof. The joy of living in this time is that you get to decide.

Activities for this week


  1.     Journey with your Guides in whatever way works for you. There are multiple ways to connect with your spiritual team so go with whatever works!


Ask to be shown how shamanism can help you within your life. And how the inner work that you do ripples out and into the world. Feel free to split this into two journeys if you need to.



  1.     Think about what you expected of Shamanism when it first crossed your path. And think about what it means to you now.


If you’re brand new to the work, how has this podcast broadened your understanding of shamanic work?


If you been at it for a while, how has your understanding changed over the years?


I’d love you to share in the group as the competition for this week, your experience with Shamanism, what it’s done for you, and how your perceptions have changed.

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