ShamanTalk Episode 68

Why It's a Good Idea to Avoid New Years Resolutions

We all have the urge at this time of year to follow the crowd and set some resolutions.

 I know I used to get all fired up with my list. I’ll do it this time! Eat better, exercise more or learning something new were among my top resolution themes.

 But it never worked.

 I ended up failing and falling into shame and self-loathing.

 How could I have failed again? I had so much drive and determination.

 After decades of the same cycle, I decided to step away from this strange cultural phenomenon. I was shown in a journey that this particular ceremony (and it is a ceremony) is cursed by a cultural story of failure.

 And this just the start of the problems with resolutions!

 Join me this week as I discuss the toxic energy behind new years resolutions and some viable, long term alternatives to this story of perpetual failure.

 We will also meet Janus, the Roman God of beginnings and endings, after whom the month of January was named.

 Activities & Journeys


  1.     Work with the Roman God Janus either in a Journey, Omen Walk or Meditation. Ask to be shown your successes for the past year. Spend some time in this space and allow the feeling of triumph to move through your whole body.


Either in the same journey or in a second journey (you choose what feels right for you) ask to be shown something inspirational that lies through this New Year’s gateway for you.  


  1.     Take some time and think about the things you talk about doing, and yet avoid. Write a list of those actions you avoid. Spend some time thinking about the anxiety you might feel when faced with those actions. Write down the reasons you THINK you might be anxious.


Next, choose some soothing music and prepare yourself for a shamanic healing Journey. Remember the Guiding Principles:


  •       Set your Sacred Space
  •       Your Intention is to ask for healing as below
  •       Go on your Journey
  •       Return and close your space
  •       Write any notes and carry out any actions or instructions you were given in your Journey


In your Journey, you will ask your Guides for healing to support you to face some of those anxieties. Go with the flow and allow the experience to unfold without holding any expectations. Feel free to share your healing experience & ask any questions in our Facebook Community.

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