ShamanTalk Episode 70

Drama Triangle Series
Part 1: The Victim

What is the Drama Triangle? 

The Drama Triangle is a model of the connection between personal responsibility and power in conflicts, and the destructive and shifting roles people play.

The Drama Triangle refers to a dysfunctional model of human interaction.

The three roles are Victim, Saviour (Rescuer) & Perpetrator (Persecutor)

 In this podcast series, we will explore each of these archetypes or roles. From this series, I invite you to explore these roles both within your Self and within others.

It’s essential that we first explore our own interactions, as it would be easy (and I see it all the time) for people to project outwardly that which they wish to avoid in themselves!

So, a wee Shadow reminder: 

be careful with this work that you are not projecting your own archetypal tendencies onto others!

This week, we dive right into our first Archetype: The Victim.

We will explore this archetype to help the listener identify these traits within themselves and discuss ways to shift Victim to Victor.

We’ll check out your potential personal Villain/s, and your role in that relationship.

Here are a few examples where we can apply the concept of the drama triangle. 

  •       Motherhood or fatherhood
  •       Childhood
  •       Illness, injury and disease
  •       Insomnia and allergies
  •       Money
  •       Work or Jobs
  •       Religion and the organisation of such religions
  •       Appearance of the body

I also go into detail about the relationships of the Victim:

  •       The Victim and the Saviour
  •       The Victim and the Perpetrator: 
  •       Self-Victimization

And I talk in-depth about the victim’s variants to help you identify these traits in yourself more easily.

But don’t worry!  I don’t just leave you hanging in the Victim space!

We also talk about how to shift from Victim to Victor and how to escape the clutches of the Victim mentality and step back into a place of personal power.


Activities & Journeys


The Drama Triangle is a challenging subject, especially if it’s new to you.

  1.     The first Journey I invite you to undertake is to Journey with your guides to the Spirit of the Victor. Ask to be shown what it feels like to be empowered in your life and how you can cultivate that for yourself. You can also ask for healing to support your work to escape the Victim.


  2.     Next, ask yourself what changes you are ready and willing to make in your life. Write a list of the thoughts you had during the podcast about those changes. How does this make you feel?

Are you overwhelmed, excited, nervous? 

Take your feelings on a Journey with your Guides and ask to be shown the root of your fears. Ask for a ceremony that you can perform to help release the root of those fears.

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