ShamanTalk Episode 79

Four Easy Steps to Lift Your Mood

Sometimes we need a quick hand out of a funk. In this podcast, I’ll run through some super easy techniques that you can use to lift you out of a bad day.
You have to WANT to be out of your funk. Sometimes we just want to have a crabby, funky day. If that’s where you’re at – ride it out. But don’t let it last past its sell-by date!
Here are a few of the things I try when I’m feeling low, tired or in a bit of a funk…

Talk to your Guides and ask for help.

I think many of us forget the Shamanic help available to us in moments of funk and feeling down. You can simply go off for a chat, cry out to the universe for help, or go into nature and ask for support.


A sound healing technique exploiting the vibration of your voice.
Vocal Toning is a vibrational energy process based on the vocal emission of specific frequencies, which restore harmony and balance. 
Research suggests that toning has a neurochemical effect on the body, boosting the immune system and causing the release of endorphins in the brain. Toning can release psychological stress before surgery, lower cardiac patients’ blood pressure and respiratory rate, and reduce tension in those undergoing MRI and CAT scans. Toning has also been effective in relieving insomnia and other sleep disorders. (Campbell, 1997, p90-99)
How to tone:  
 “Stand erect, feet several inches apart. 
Stretch both arms high, and let them drop back, shoulders swinging on the spine as a crossbar rests on top of a T, in perfect balance. 
The eyes must be closed, begin to look inward, and feel. 
Stand upright but relaxed, let the body sway slightly to get the pulsation of life, feeling this magical process of aliveness within and around you, let your body speak. 
Relax the jaws. 
Let the sound come up through from your feet. Let your body groan. Empty out. Start with low groans. Groan out all the hurts.” “Make the mind obedient, still. Allow the voice to rise siren-like, drop back again and rise again, over and over until it reaches high note without effort. 
The session may last ten minutes or an hour, when the body feels cleansed, a sigh is released. Don’t strive or impose direction on the voice. When the sigh is released, sit and fill the body with peace, or read something inspiring, sing a happy song. 
Toning should be done on waking to set the tone for the day.” (Keys, 1973, p29-30)
Sounds for Healing 
The sounds Hi, Hah, Hoh, Hu, Kah and Koo all appear to stimulate the glandular system. 
Ah stimulates the upper lungs. 
A deep O (as in home) stimulates the lower lungs. 
Ohm stimulates the heart. 
OO as in broom stimulates the sex glands.
Ea in the word ‘head’ stimulates the thyroid, parathyroid and throat. 
Ee as in the word ‘seed’ stimulates the pituitary, pineal glands, and head. 
Rahm toned for the solar plexus gives a feeling of authority and power. 
Eh-He-Ah toned softly is soothing and relaxing. Let it drift off in a sigh. 
(Keys, 1973, p109)
I also use the sound VOO and find that extremely helpful when I’m feeling anxious in particular. 

3. Do a good deed (volunteer, donate to a charity) – doing a good deed is different from being a saviour! Know the difference! A good deed is where you’ve been invited to help, and your help is welcome. You also help at a time that suits you and when you don’t feel put out or resentful about the time you’re spending!

Doing good deeds:

  • Decreases stress
  • Increases life expectancy
  • Make you feel better
  • Promotes good mental health

4Are you hydrated?

By and large, the only time we pine for a drink of water is when we feel thirsty. However, you may want to be a lot more proactive when it comes to your mental health. Studies show that even mild dehydration can significantly impact your mood, energy, and even your ability to think clearly.
Research conducted at the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory confirmed various negative effects resulting from dehydration, including “degraded mood, increased perception of task difficulty, lower concentration, and headache symptoms.”
We’ve heard it before, but let’s repeat. To stay properly hydrated, experts advise that we drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day – that’s about 2 litres. Our bodies are complex, and we must take a holistic approach to maximize our well-being. Staying hydrated by drinking enough water is a simple but vital component of optimal physical, emotional, and mental health.
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