ShamanTalk Episode 80

Identifying the Negative Thought Patterns That Rule Our Minds

Negative thought patterns, otherwise known as cognitive distortions are thought patterns in our minds that convince us of something that isn’t true.
These thoughts are usually used to back up our negative thinking. We tell ourselves things that sound rational and accurate but really only serve to keep us feeling bad about ourselves.
Most of us are focused on moving forward in our spiritual life that we forget that forward momentum lies in the way we see the world, our beliefs about ourselves, and the way we think.
What you think and how you think will determine your path.
So — how you think can be tricky! Cognitive distortions are usually so ingrained in our way of thinking that we often don’t know they are distortions. We often think they are a normal part of living.
There are many examples of cognitive distortion. In 1976, psychologist Aaron Beck first proposed the theory behind cognitive distortions, and in the 1980s, David Burns was responsible for popularising it with common names and examples for the distortions.
In this podcast, I cover the most common cognitive distortions. See if any resonate with you!
1. Filtering
2. Polarised Thinking (or “Black and White” Thinking)
3. Overgeneralisation
4. Jumping to Conclusions
5. Catastrophizing
6. Personalisation
7. Control Fallacies
8. Fallacy of Fairness
9. Blaming
10. Shoulds
11. Emotional Reasoning
12. Always Being Right
13. Heaven’s Reward Fallacy

Activities & Journeys

  1. Go on a walk. Take a notepad or recording device. As you walk quietly with no distractions, notice where your mind goes. Write down what you are thinking – with no judgment.
    What do you notice about your thoughts?
    Can you recognise any of the above list in the way you think?

  2. Journey with your Guides and ask to be shown one of the following that most resonates for you:

    Ask to be shown the energetic nature of black and white thinking and actions you can take to introduce a little grey into your life.

    Ask to be taken to be shown the truth of your experiences and what that feels like. Ask for a symbol that you can use to keep yourself connected with the truth of a moment rather than the distortion your mind has created.

    Ask for a healing that will help you to overcome your cognitive distortion.

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