83. Are You Facing a Dark Night of the Soul?

Are you facing a Dark Night of the Soul?

ShamanTalk Episode 83 Are You Facing a Dark Night of the Soul? Have you ever felt alone in the Universe, unable to face going through the motions, having no real sense of direction, and feeling hopeless? You could be going through a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ or a Spiritual Awakening. The dark night of the … Read more

79. Four Easy Steps to Lift Your Mood

Four Easy Steps to Life Your Mood

ShamanTalk Episode 79 Four Easy Steps to Lift Your Mood Sometimes we need a quick hand out of a funk. In this podcast, I’ll run through some super easy techniques that you can use to lift you out of a bad day. You have to WANT to be out of your funk. Sometimes we just want … Read more

76. Dealing With Despair

Dealing with Despair

ShamanTalk Episode 76 Dealing with Despair Despair is a very familiar emotion for me. I spent most of my teens and twenties in a place of overwhelming despair, hopelessness, depression, anger, fear, anxiety… Despair is not like other emotions—with other feelings, I can motivate myself in constructive ways. Despair is unique in that it lacks … Read more

75. Overcoming Self-Worth Issues

Overcoming Self-Worth Issues

ShamanTalk Episode 75 Overcoming Self-Worth issues Self-worth is such a big topic! And yet, it is a symptom of deeper issues, not a problem in itself. So focusing on low self-worth can sometimes be detrimental. In this week’s podcast, we’ll look into the symptoms of low self-worth and what you can do if you find … Read more

42. How to Shaman Your Way Out of a Bad Day

How to Shaman Your Way Out of a Bad Day

SHAMANTALK EP 42 – How to Shaman Your Way Out of a Bad Day How to Shaman your way out of a Bad Day We all have those days when we wake up and things just don’t go our way. Sometimes is best to get the head down and finish the day as best you … Read more

28. Fast Relief from Stress & Anxiety

Fast Relief from Stress & Anxiety

SHAMANTALK EP 28 – Fast Relief from Stress & Anxiety I had originally planned to release a different episode this week, but after checking in with my guides I’ve decided to do a podcast centred around self care and relief from stress and anxiety in these unprecedented times. We’re worried about family, especially vulnerable relatives, … Read more

18. Spiritual Momentum & Zero Days

Spiritual Momentum & Zero Days

SHAMANTALK EP 18 – Spiritual Momentum & Zero Days The thing I hear a lot from my clients is ‘Rhonda, I’m not really focusing on my Shamanic work’ or I just can’t seem to get started.  We all suffer (at some point in our lives) from a lack of perceived momentum on our spiritual paths. … Read more