ShamanTalk Episode 85

Managing Your Spiritual Energy to Avoid Burn Out

Do you remember episode 79? We talked about Funk Days…. Well, the opposite of a funk day can also be true!
This week we’ll explore the other end of the spectrum – what to do if you experience high spiritual energy. 
There are times when I am so full of spiritual energy, I don’t quite know what to do with myself! I’ll feel a rush and a buzz – I’ll want to do everything and will start a tonne of projects – only to lose that energy and end up feeling flat and lethargic.
Spending so much time ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’ with the power – that we end up approaching a burnout state.
The thing is that this energy can make us feel amazing or overwhelmed depending on where we are on our spiritual journey. I remember being overwhelmed and almost breathless; the energy felt kinda stuck in my chest, and I tended to spray it everywhere just to relieve the tension I was feeling. 
Sometimes I’d feel totally amazing like I was floating on a cloud and wanted to stay in that space forever – but I found that I was pretty useless as a functioning human when I was in this space. 
Either way, the energy could feel excessive and almost too much – so I had to learn to use this energy wisely; otherwise, I’d end up in spiritual burnout. 
A quick point is that a life challenge is different from a burnout situation!
Here’s how to tell the difference: 
Challenge signals are a state of activation or high tense energy.

Signs you face a Challenge include:

  • Anxiousness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Feeling tense or pressured
  • A sense that you’d be okay if you got the situation under control
Burnout signs are a state of deactivation or low energy. 

Burnout signals include:

  • Withdrawal from your Spiritual team
  • Feeling depressed
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Spiritual disconnection (“My Guides have abandoned me”)
  • Spiritual doubt (“This is all rubbish”.)

So how do we effectively channel our spiritual energy to avoid burnout?

  1. Sit quietly with this energy and let it settle within you. Often, we feel the need to ‘expend’ or use this energy – we want to be productive and achieve things. It can be more effective to sit with the energy and allow it to integrate into our bodies. Notice how this energy flows through your body. Where does it sit, what parts does it affect, where does it want to settle?


  2. Journeying with our Guides and asking for guidance on this energy burst – where did it come from, and what is it for? What is the best use for this energy?


  3. Spend some time noticing what is going on in Nature. What is the Moon cycle? Is there a major astrological event? Are we near significant dates such as an equinox or solstice?


  4. Check your Saviour complex. Who are you trying to save? Why? Were you invited? Even if you were asked, is this person a victim to your saviour? Your spiritual energy is a precious gift and should be preserved for your own use (which ultimately is the best thing for you, those close to you and the world around you).

    If you are a practitioner, this practice will support your work and ensure you have the reserves you need to hold deep and effective space for your clients

Activities & Journeys

1 – Journey with your Guides and ask to be shown how and where you preserve your spiritual energy. Perhaps they will show you where your power lies or give you a symbol for the vessel you hold your energy – a sacred bowl or ceremonial cup, for example. 


On your return, keep this information in your mind and your heart. Stay connected with this information to help you keep your energy steady and fulfilled.


2 – Journey with your Guides and ask to be shown the energetic Nature of Spiritual Burnout. Then ask to be taken to a place where you can receive either an energetic ‘top up’ if you need one or any other healing that will serve you right now on your journey with balancing your spiritual energy.

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