ShamanTalk Episode 86

Cord Cutting
A How to Guide

Cord-cutting is a healing technique to help “unhook” you from draining or unhealthy emotional dynamics, freeing you from relational patterns that squander your mental and spiritual energy.

Remember that sometimes cord-cutting isn’t what’s required, so always check in with your trusted guides and allies and ask the question. 

A key point to know is that we are never sending anything back (positive or negative). We simply look to our own sphere and deal with what’s there. That is the safe and ethical way to work with energetic cords.

Cord-cutting can be relevant whether the person/place/situation is still in your life or not.

Cord-cutting will always have an effect whenever you use it but is rarely as effective as when it’s part of a broader personal growth strategy. For example, Cord Cutting works well with boundary work and self-resilience building. A cord-cutting ceremony undertaken in isolation will rarely have the profound and lasting effect that you’re seeking. 

Activities & Journeys

An example cord-cutting exercise.

Journey with your Guides and ask if this is an appropriate ceremony for the issue you’re having. They may show you a different, more appropriate ceremony.

Assuming the answer is yes, open your sacred space and spend some time in silent contemplation scanning your Inner Landscape. Can you feel the location of the cord/s you wish to sever? Do you get a sense of what that looks like for you? You can ask your Guides for help with this.

When you can feel the cord/s, draw a circle on the ground around yourself. This can be an imaginary line on the floor, with salt, crystals, wool… anything you feel drawn to using.

Next, you will cut the cord using whatever comes to mind. Perhaps it will be a sword, golden scissors, a small blade, a flame thrower, maybe an animal will gnaw through the cord for you, or a Guide might sever the cord. Be open and allow the flow.

When the cord is severed, take the end attached to you and place it in the ground inside your circle. State – this cord is no longer attached to anything but the heartbeat of Mother Earth and will heal closed over the coming days.

Then take the cord attached to the persons/place/situation. Place that in the ground outside the circle you are standing in. State – this cord is no longer attached to me. I place this cord to Mother Earth with love. I do not send anything back, nor do I hold any intentions towards the person/place/situation. This cord no longer affects me.

Finally, thank you Guides, step out of the circle and remove your circle. Imaginary circles can be brushed away or sained away. Physical circles can be removed and sained. Then close your space.

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