ShamanTalk Episode 90

Your Ego is Not Your Enemy

A few of you have asked for a podcast on Ego… so I’m happy to oblige!
The number one point I always start with when I discuss Ego is that the Ego is not the problem – we tend to turn it into our enemy, especially when we first venture onto a transformative path.
The Ego has a bad rap — it has become the villain of self-help.
According to psychologists, if we don’t have an ego, we would become mentally ill. We need it to mediate between the unconscious and the conscious. Your relationship with your Ego can turn into either an enemy or an ally.
In other words, your Ego is not you, but we often completely identify with our Ego as Self. Ego is a structure built of a lifetime of experience, disappointment, pain, love, excitement and connection – whatever we experienced in our childhoods, both good and bad.
Our Ego is a curious beast — most of us don’t realize its existence, yet we are under its mercy.
So, this week we explore how to explore Ego gently and to shift it to its rightful place as part of our Being rather than the illusion that it is the whole of our Being.

Activities & Journeys

The Ego does not like to be observed, so this exercise may be highly uncomfortable for you. Leaning into this discomfort takes work, so be patient and dedicated!

 1- Journey with your Guides and ask to meet your Ego. In this exercise, you are merely observing the Ego and nothing more.

Here we are priming the psyche to relax into this work. It can be very uncomfortable to view yourself in this new way. You might feel sensations in your body or racing thoughts telling you not to practice the exercise. All of this is totally normal, fear-based resistance from the Ego. Seeing your Ego is the first step to taking away this power and decision-making control.

2- This step is about becoming aware of what you say after the word “I.” This is your Ego speak. You’ve been repeating this for many years, so observing what you actually say about yourself will be surprising.

The friendliest way to meet your Ego is when it’s not triggered.

 Set an intention to witness your Ego with one conversation you have today.

Notice everything you say after the word “I.”

Here are prompts: Note these once a day.

 There is no right or wrong way to do these. You want to let your stream of consciousness flow without editing or analyzing.

Þ How often do I speak about myself?

Þ What was an adjective I used to describe myself?

Þ Did anything in that conversation bring any uncomfortable emotional reaction? Describe it.

Congrats! You just witnessed your Ego. Practice is critical with this new skill. The repetition will prime new pathways in the brain and allow observation to come more easily with time.

3- When we name our Ego, we take a decisive step in seeing the Ego as separate from us. You can Journey to your Ego or to your Guides and ask the name your Ego wants to be known by or choose any name that comes to you intuitively.

By naming your Ego, you’ve separated from it. As a result, it will be easier to see the Ego coming and going. You’ll be surprised just how often it comes and how quickly it goes.

4- This activity is optional for anyone who has been doing Ego work for a while. 

Watch a YouTube video of something that is the polar opposite of your viewpoint. Sit with the emotions it brings up. Allow yourself to listen to the words objectively. See if you can hear beyond your emotional response.

This practice can be very transformative.

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