ShamanTalk Episode 66

What Does Doing Spiritual Work Actually Mean?

Many people confuse seeing multiple practitioners, clearing chakras, taking courses and reading books as doing Spiritual Work. Although important – this is only one aspect of it. 

One of the key fundamentals in Spiritual Growth is taking Radical Personal Responsibility. 

This is the aim of what we call Radical Self Responsibility (RSR). It is taking the ‘radical‘ step into full (100%) responsibility  for all we see, feel, think and do. From that foundational belief, we take back our power and sow the seeds of our own transformation, maturity and ultimately inner freedom

In this episode I introduce you to the Sacred Triangle, which will help you on your quest for Spiritual growth and Radical Personal Responsibility.

Here are some ways that I discuss to help you  take responsibility and stay at the top of your triangle.


  1. Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
  2. Stop blaming
  3. Stop complaining
  4. Refuse to take anything personal
  5. Make yourself happy (and not rely on others to do that for you)
  6. Live in the present moment
  7. Use the power of intention
  8. Look for the good in people (while maintaining strong boundaries)


Shamanism can help massively with this list – journeying to ask guides what work is needed for your continued growth is key. Working with a trusted shaman as part of your sacred triangle to get help and support is also necessary. We are tribal people and are not meant to work alone – our fragile human ego implodes on itself if left to its own devices with no safe external support system.


But you drive the work – you drive the change. It’s all within you.

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