ShamanTalk Episode 81

Overcoming the Negative Thought Patterns That Rule Our Minds

Last week we talked about common cognitive distortions – many of you resonated with this topic, so this week I thought we could explore some ways to work more effectively with these distortions.
You can use one or any combination of the methods described in the podcast to combat irrational thoughts and cognitive distortions. 
Try them out and look for the one that seems to work best for you because we all respond to different methods.
I also recommend listening to last weeks podcast first if you haven’t already.
That will help you with point one on the list below. 
Listen to the podcast and choose one or more techniques from the list below to help you to overcome the distortion you’re working with. 
1. Identify the Cognitive Distortion – Click here to listen to last week’s podcast which will help you to identify any cognitive distortions you may have. 
2. Examine the Evidence
3. Double Standard Method.
4. Thinking in Shades of Gray
5. Experimental Method
6. Survey Method
7. The Semantic Method
9. Cost-Benefit Analysis

Activities & Journeys

  1. Take the time to put some of these techniques into practice. Choose strategies that you feel drawn to and try a method that you don’t think would be right for you. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by trying something that you don’t think will work (our resistance will manifest in the strangest and trickiest of ways!)
    Cognitive distortions can be caused by a wide range of life experiences. Sometimes we will never know what those moments are – but it can be helpful to ask for help none the less.
    Go on a Journey with your Guides and ask for whatever you need this week to help you put the techniques above into practice.
    Please do take the time to feedback in the community group! It is always helpful and inspirational for us to read others experiences.

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