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Recapitulation - Finding Relief From Difficult Memories

This week I talk about the Toltec technique of Recapitulation, why it’s essential in our lives, and I share the massive impact on my life. I’ve distilled it down to a few simple steps that I’ll be sharing with you in this podcast. 

In very few words, Recapitulation is a technique of reliving to release to let our stuck life energy flow in the way it needs.

If you have PTSD or other trauma-related diagnoses, this technique should be approached with care. However, such a diagnosis certainly doesn’t preclude you from taking advantage of this technique! Many of my clients with complex and chronic trauma issues found great success with this technique. 

The recapitulation experience is related to the fact that we all are influenced –if not determined- by our past experiences.

What I’ve found and also hundreds of clients and students have found – is that Recapitulation is a quick and relatively easy way to release our attachment and the effect of negative memories. 

So let’s get into the nuts and bolts!

Recapitulation is a simple breathing technique that allows you to release the past on an energy level. Almost every memory you have has some kind of an emotional charge attached to it. 

The problem is that our emotional experience, if not appropriately managed in the moment, create disturbances & tensions that will often accompany us for the rest of our life invading our thoughts at inappropriate times.

Recapitulation is an easy and fast way to a peaceful mind!

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Here are the basic steps:
Choose a memory – I recommend starting with something easy, but that still raises an unpleasant emotion.

In your mind, go back to that place in time.

Feel your way through the memory without pushing anything away.

Allow the feelings to flow through even if they are unpleasant.

When you are entirely in your memory, begin to purposefully breathe out anything you have taken on that does not belong with you. Breathe in anything you lost at that moment.
Do not focus on what you took on or what you lost. 
Just know your Guides are doing the work.

Do this for as long as you can – as you get better at the practice, your mind will wander onto other thoughts naturally when you are complete. You may have to visit memories more than once to fully recapitulate the moment.
Things to remember
You don’t need to know what you are releasing or what you are breathing back – in fact, focussing on that will only distract you. Instead, hold the clear intention that you simply want to release anything you picked up that wasn’t yours and regain anything you lost.
You can work on the out-breath first, releasing what’s not yours, then move onto the inhale if you find that more manageable and less distracting.
If you have PTSD or other trauma-related diagnoses, this technique should be approached with care. However, such a diagnosis certainly doesn’t preclude you from taking advantage of this technique! Many of my clients with complex and chronic trauma issues found great success with this technique. Take it easy, start with easy memories, work up to the hard memories and always call in your guides and protectors when dealing with significant issues! Make it a Sacred Ceremony and open sacred space before embarking on particularly traumatic memories. And be gentle with yourself. You know you. You know what you can handle. Be sensible!
When your mind wanders off the memory, that’s you done.
Or when you’ve reached the limit of your ability to deal with the memory, then you’re done.
Or it may be that you’ve only got 2 minutes, so recapitulate for two minutes, and then you’re done.
Be flexible and avoid rigidity, and you’ll find the technique is much more successful for you.
I use this technique whenever an unpleasant memory surfaces – when I’m doing housework or driving. It can be used anywhere at any time. The trick I’ve found is not to push any memories away. Instead, if you’re not in the place to recapitulate (at work, for example), simply say to the memory, ‘I see you and will work with you later’ – acknowledging but not suppressing!
A good practice is recapitulating everyday annoyances at the end of the day before you sleep. This allows you to take back any power lost in daily events and frees you from connections with interpersonal drama.


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